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What to expect



As your session draws near, we wanted to reach out and give you some information that will ensure a successful session! Our studio is in our home at 5445 Chimney Rock Canyon Lake, TX

Mom and Dad are invited to join in a few photos, but please note that the focus of the session is on the baby.

Newborn sessions require extra time & special skills. Newborn shots average 2 – 4 hrs. It all depends on the baby. just like us each baby has a specific temperament & personality with breaks for feeding, prop changes and cuddling of course. I want to see your newborn when they still have that yummy new baby smell. 5 – 10 days old is the best time to photograph them.

  1. You may not yet have established a feeding schedule, but please be prepared to feed baby when you get here – This helps keep your newborn sleepy during the full session. I ask that all moms bring a bottle and a pacifier to the session so we may soothe when needed. The less mom handles the baby the better. Your little one is sensitive to your smell and touch, and quite often mom’s close presence wakes the little one and limits what can be done during your session.
  2. Play with and try to keep your newborn awake as much as possible before your session. If you want to add a warm and relaxing essential oil sink bath to your session to help relax and put baby to sleep. That is an add on option.
  1. We have all the props, and equipment at the studio. Dress your baby in loose fitted clothes for easy removal and to avoid lines on the skin.
  2. The studio will be warm for the baby’s benefit. You should dress in layers.
  3. This is your time to relax… during your session we will do all those cute poses you see on Pinterest (if baby lets us). We may also head outside … because I adore baby in bushes 🙂 (weather permitted)


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly prior to your session. Thank you again for choosing us to photograph this special time in your lives. We look forward to meeting your new addition!